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All the feels.


We’re all guilty of it. There is one thing that is always overlooked. But is can make (or break) an outfit: texture.

It really is an easy thing to forget about. Colors and patterns catch our eyes, especially in the world of online shopping. Webpage after webpage, click after click, the garments’ 2D look is all we see. But being able to see the surface, to FEEL is entirely different.

This is why I prefer in-store shopping. A rule of mine is to never buy anything without trying it on. With the lack of sizing standards and style variations, you never know how something is going to fit, look, or feel.

Today I mixed faux leather leggings and suede wedges – of  course I got deals on these wardrobe staples. I kept my whole outfit black so the simplicity would not take away from the impact of contrasting textures. Forever 21 is never short of faux leather. Extra points if you find a sale rack. Black suede wedges are one of my favorite accessories. They are comfortable (which is a big deal in NYC), cute, and affordable. Their neutrality makes them a great addition to any outfit. The shoes pictured I picked up at Macy’s for about $40, but a basic, budget-friendly pair like these could be found nearly anywhere.

Even though this fashion rule isn’t as familiar as it should be, it is nonetheless important. Just remember to combine simple staples with fashionable fabrics – an easy formula to elevate your outfit.

X’s and o’s



We are what we wear.


Well, I am back from my hiatus – hopefully. It’s been a long month and a half of starting a new job and moving in with the boyfriend. But now that I am semi-settled, with a glass of wine in my hand, I feel it’s time I got back to blogging.

Which brings me to this post: we are what we wear. Our style is impacted by our emotions, values, traditions, likes/dislikes, insecurities, etc. It reflects our personality, our creativity.

My favorite part about fashion is the ability to express myself. And in this moment, I feel strength. The past 60 days have been a trial of my strength, patience, and problem solving skills. Although it’s been tough and nothing I have ever experienced, this is only going to make me stronger – and this is a lesson for everyone. Just remember, no matter how hard it gets, you can do it.

Back to my #ootd, this all came about when I fell in love with BaubleBar’s Supernova Choker & Bib Set. I’ve been fighting myself on buying it, because as I’ve mentioned previously, I am a bargain shopper. But the price really turned me off and had me waiting for a sale. Of course this is when I stumbled upon a statement necklace in Forever 21. And you know what, I couldn’t not scoop this up!

So I paired this piece of armor with a gray sweater, high-waisted skater skirt, and bright pink lips. Don’t worry, I wore knitted stockings as it was below freezing today. (Have I told you how much I hate winter?)

What I’m trying to say is, even if our thought process doesn’t directly tell us what feeling goes with what outfit, it is a subconscious pairing. And today, I’m strong. What does your outfit say about you?

X’s and o’s

Marry the shoes.


It’s New Year’s Eve – a night of champagne, dancing, and midnight kissing. If you’re a New Yorker, like myself, you’ll be dressed in your best (or bundled up in Times Square, but let’s be real, it is far too cold for that).

If I can offer you ladies any piece of advice for tonight: marry the shoes.

Someone much more experienced than I once bestowed this wisdom upon me as I was getting ready to go out. Once you put those heels or wedges on, you DO NOT take them off until you arrive home. And here’s why:

  1. You are a classy lady. And classy ladies do not take their shoes off before they reach their front step.
  2. Safety and hygienic reasons. Let’s think about all the germs on the subway or the broken glass in the streets. No one wants their night ending in an emergency room.
  3. You spent HOURS getting ready and styling your outfit. If you are a true fashionista, you KNOW as soon as you take those shoes off your outfit will look completely different.

If you 100% cannot take one more step in the shoes you chose, take advantage of your date, friends, or that really nice guy who bought you a drink. Piggy back rides are highly underrated.

Beauty does not have to be painful, contrary to what we have always been told. Get yourself some comfy, cute, and cost-effective shoes. I got these black, open toed heels at a small boutique in Astoria for $20. Don’t forget to break them in – I’ve found walking around the house with thick socks work the best or wearing them to a prior event. Oh, and make sure you can walk in them after a few glasses of bubbly.

Look good, feel good, and enjoy yourself. Cheers!

X’s and o’s